When running an online business, having a clutch project management tool is absolutely essential and Trello is, hands down, my favorite.

Built on a super simple framework of boards, lists, and cards, Trello is designed to help you visually organize just about anything in your life or your business, and you really can use it for whatever your brain can conceive.

I started using Trello to manage my content years ago, and just a few months after starting Love & Spreadsheets decided it was time to up my game. A little bit of Googling for inspiration and a lot of trial and error later, Trello has now been the home base for countless things in my life and business for years.

It's an essential component to keeping my systems on track, my projects on point, and making things happen day in and day out.

Ready to learn more?

Like most people, I talk about the things I love! I get questions all the time about how I use Trello for organizing my life and business, plus tips and tricks for getting started. These blog posts dive into all sorts of aspects of using Trello, from why it's my favorite project management tool (and I've looked into a lot) to specific tutorials, and comparisons between other tools!

want some customized advice on using trello?

Getting started using Trello is a fantastic topic for a Systems Strategy Session.

In just 90 minutes, I'll take you from unsure to totally confident, with customized advice, resources, and action items for you to implement and start using Trello in your own life and business! 


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