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4 Reasons You Should Pomodoro Your Workday

  1. Gloria-Jean Brown says:

    Sarah – how to I load this Pomodoro into my Trello?? I have only me (no team or anyone sharing).

    Thank YOU!!

    • Sarah Hayes says:

      Hey Gloria-Jean! The first card on the first list is a checklist that gives you all the instructions to add the board to your own Trello account. 🙂

  2. Frances says:

    Sarah, I am really excited to try your Trello board with the Pomodoro technique! I’ve used the technique before and I’d like to see how it works vs just time blocking. Maybe it’s what I need!

    Question for you: do you recreate each Pomodoro card each week? I’m thinking about time savings. 😉

    • Sarah Hayes says:

      Yay!! I hope it helps!!

      Too save time creating the cards you can use the Card Repeater Power-Up! That way you’ll have a fresh set of Pomodoro cards at the start of each day or week! 🙂

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