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Systems Overhauls and Systems Strategy Sessions are both built from a desire to help you identify the organizational pain points in your business and create a plan of action to move you forward. The difference is whether you’re the one moving things forward or I am. With a Systems Strategy Session, I’ll take you as far as the action plan, but it’s up to you to make the change happen. With a Systems Overhaul, I’ll put the action plan to work, streamline your business for you, then teach you how to keep it all running and in tip-top shape.

I would love to help you clean up and overhaul all parts of your business, if that’s what you need help with!

Each Systems Overhaul project is self-contained, but clients who book multiple projects back-to-back receive a discount.

I wrote a whole post that digs into the differences in a bit more detail, but the long and short of it is this: a virtual assistant is someone you can hand tasks off to, but ultimately you will need to direct and manage yourself, whereas an online business manager is a right-hand woman who will help you manage your business and could, quite literally, run it for you if necessary.

If you’ve read through the service descriptions and still aren’t sure which one is the best option for you, send me an email! Tell me a bit more about where you’re at in your business, what you’re struggling with, and I can recommend the type of service that would be most beneficial to your business at this stage!

There are a lot of different elements that go into deciding what kind of support you should hire for your business and it starts with some questions. Think through things like what you want to outsource, how much control you want to maintain over your business, how hands on or off you want to be, and what your budget's like. Also keep in mind that if you hire an OBM without already having a VA, she will need to be willing to bridge that gap and function as a hybrid VA/OBM until you bring on additional team members. You can read more here.

It depends on how we're working together!

Systems Overhaul projects last four weeks, from start to finish.

Systems Strategy Sessions are a one-off session with 10 days of follow up support.

It takes a lot to keep this business running and to make it easier on both of us, I've put together a whole page of resources, including the tools I use in the business on a regular basis, plus some other fun things like recommended reading, freebies, best of the blog, and more! You can check it all out here.

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