It all started in a gray cubicle...

"is this all there is?"

Bachelor's degree in hand, I stepped into the big, wild world of adulting in 2011 and promptly found myself wondering,

There had to be more than 5am wake up calls, gray cubicle walls, and absolutely no natural light.

For nearly 2 ½ years, I felt like I was wasting away, spending my time and my life on things that didn’t truly matter to anyone, but especially not to me. 

I started job hopping, but six years and five jobs post graduation, I still found myself thinking, "I don't know what I want to do, but I know it isn't this."

The email management hacks alone were well worth the price of our mentoring session! She teaches you why your business will benefit from organization, and then teaches you organizational skills that are not only effective but sustainable.

Katherine Corden


Working with Sarah was unbelievably eye-opening and clarifying!

She has so much knowledge about the programs, ins and outs within the creative entrepreneur industry that hiring her is basically plug and play. Having Sarah in my life has been a dream come true and I'm so grateful for her. Do yourself a favor and talk with her. Within a matter of seconds you'll see how special she is.

brianne wik


Sarah's super power is organization, followed closely by anticipating someone's needs.

If the behind the scenes of your business is feeling like a hot mess and you need someone to come in, overhaul it, and clear the clutter and chaos, Sarah is your girl. The peace of mind you'll have after Sarah has worked her magic is worth every penny.

devan danielle


Hiring Sarah was by far the BEST (and most impactful) decision I've made since starting my business in 2014.

I'm a Systems gal myself but I'm so constantly focused on my clients that I often neglect my own business. Not anymore. Her suggestions on maintenance tasks really put me in a position to be on top of my own tasks vs. chasing them. She also sent helpful resources after our call and created a personalized action plan for me — those alone were worth the price of the session.

Julie Painter


I did a Systems Strategy Session with Sarah and it was SUCH a game-changer for my business.

I loved getting Sarah's personalized help through video chat! It helped figure out how to better organize Trello so that it wasn't overwhelming and to create a standardized system for me to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks!

manali sontakke


I feel a lot more confident & calm in my client management system and organization of larger projects within my business!

at the same time...

I was watching tons of friends in the world of creative entrepreneurship become overwhelmed by the weight of owning their own business. They became entrepreneurs to do something they loved, but were getting burned out on all the business-y things that come with running a business.

That’s when it clicked: I could be the person to bridge that gap and make the business side of running a business a whole lot easier, so they could spend more time on what they love and less time on what they don’t.

And that’s how Love & Spreadsheets was born.

I didn’t start by creating spreadsheets, but pretty much from day one, when people thought of spreadsheets, they thought of me. (For obvious reasons.)

Over the first few years, I continued to find my way as a business owner, searching for that magical place where my unique skills and passions intersected with the needs of those around me.

Like all good things, it took some time, but eventually it became clear: I didn’t just want to help a small number of entrepreneurs by taking certain tasks off their plate. I wanted to take my propensity for organization and love for simplicity and show as many business owners as I could that there is a better way.

Because, friend, there is.

what people call me

a spreadsheet magician

a writing unicorn

an inbox wizard

the trello queen

you started a creative business because you love to create

And chances are, the business side of things doesn’t come naturally to you. While you can recognize the importance of organization, systems, and numbers, that’s not how your creative brain works.

Fortunately, it is how mine works

Equally right and left-brained, I think like a creative, but act like an administrator, which means I have the unique ability to take those organizational and analytical rules and tools and turn them into something that makes sense for your wild, wonderful, creative brain.

I can take something intimidating like a spreadsheet and turn it into something that is as beautiful and robust as it is simple and straightforward, giving you a tool to turn chaos into order and change the game in your business.

i may create spreadsheets...

but what i do is about so much more than that.

I have always been a person motivated by time. It is one of the only truly finite resources we have in this life, and I believe it is the most important gift you can ever give to someone.

Put simply, I want you to spend your time doing the things that matter most to you.

That means spending more time creating new things, dreaming big dreams, and living life with the people you love. And it means spending less time trying to manage the backend of your business, stressing out over systems, and feverishly trying to keep things from falling through the cracks.

You were meant for more than that and I want to help you get there.

with my husband

curled up with a good book

with my toes in the sand

seeing a broadway show

exploring new places

how i love to spend my time

as seen in:

Go ahead, girl

let's change the game in your business

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